About us
Program Objectives

The objective of FPCC Outpatient Treatment Programs is to create a service-based company whose goal is to exceed client expectations in the areas of alcohol and drug counseling, mental health counseling, marriage and family counseling, parenting education, anger management, and domestic violence counseling. The objective of these programs is achieved by educating and treating clients by using evidence-based, proven tools of recovery and healing. We recognize and meet each client's needs by helping them attain a thorough understanding of themselves and the recovery process.

Clients will be serviced until completion of his/her treatment plan and established goals are achieved. If additional time is needed in order to obtain the goals set forth by the treatment plan, the program will be extended to meet the needs of the client. The treatment plan for each client is continuously reviewed and modified, as needed.

  • Experienced and licesned drug and alcohol counselors and social workers
  • Small group and individualized counseling
  • Passion for helping individuals and families achieve healthy lifestyles
  • Commitment to high quality services
  • Professionalism in every task and encounter